Becker A4 45 E

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Becker A4 45 is walk-behind floor scrubber drier. It is ideal for small and medium floors up to 1600 sq m, especially when congested by people or furnishing like in wellness centers, gyms, car showroom, retail shops, hospitals and schools. Automatic brush attachment, discharge and delayed cut-off. Adjustable solution release with automatic cut-off.  Narrow body with both side brush protrusion and 300° squeegee spin. Tool less removable recovery tank with large visual inspection window and stretchable discharge hose. Adjustable driving handle with dead man switches, soft touch controls and diagnosis (Eco Energy mode and battery low level automatic cut-off for DC version). Large non marking working wheels and sturdy rear roller for displacements.

Standard equipment:

  • PP Brush ø 430 mm-17 "
  • Front squeegee blade th. 40 mm
  • Rear squeegee blade th. 40 mm
Floor scrubbers
Brush motor power 400 / 700 W
Detergent tank capacity 30 l
Max working capacity 1575 m²/h
Recovery tank capacity stop / total 32 - 35 l
Scrubbing width 450 mm
Squeegee width 540 mm
Traction Mechanical

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