Integrated Ironing Board with electronic automatic refill control BECKER A8

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  Integrated boiler with electronic automatic refill system, easily removable for cleaning and maintenance, provided with cables and iron rest box.
    Digital descaling program with indicator lights, On/Off switch with warning light, steam ready and water end warning lights. Separate switch for suction and blowing function.
    Integrated water tank with level indicator. Reinforced case made in PA
    Filling bottle
    Foldable and conveyable thanks to the 2 wheels.
    Double spring of compensation for an easy opening and closing. Security block against opening.
    Professional steam hose holder.
    Plane made by reinforced and punched aluminum.
    Additional protection to prevent accidental dropping of the iron
     Water tester to check water
    Descaling powder delivered to help cleaning and maintain the boiler


  • 1,5 mm thickness stainless steel boiler with external heating element
  • Steam delivery adjustment
  • Plane made by reinforced and punched aluminum
  • Double spring of compensation for an easy opening and closing.
  • Security block against opening.
  • Cable storage compartment
  • Industrial textile cover at high endurance with 400gr filling
  • Legs with special painted finishing: non-scratches and shockproof
  • Professional iron with continuous steam device


  • Water capacity – 1 l
  • Heating time – 5 min
  • Inox boiler 18/10
  • Ironing autonomy - unlimited
  • Working pressure – 4 bar
  • Suction and blowing function
  • Antiscale system
  • Steamhose holder
  • Perfect steam emission
  • Heated plane
  • Manual rewinding cable
  • 2 motors
  • Remote fan control
  • Unlimited steam supply

2 MOTORS. The active three-function ironing board: suction, ventilation and heated surface, brings further advantages and adds to the features and specific plus points of the ironing systems, improving their performance to obtain an unrivalled result in record time!

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