Vaporetto Go

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Steam generator with anti-slacken safety cap and practical carrying handle. It includes a shoulder belt that allows an easy transport during cleaning operations.

  • Safety cap, with anti-slacken function
  • Handle with childlock
  • Shoulder belt for an easy transport
  • Practical compartment for accessories


Safety cap
With anti-slacken function and safety valve to release the high pressure into the boiler.
Shoulder belt
The convenient should belt allows an easy transport during cleaning operations.
Steam adjustment
It is possible to adjust steam release according to the surface to be cleaned.
Accessory Compartment
Quick access to the practical compartment for storing accessories.



Floor brush for Vaporetto Go
Nylon round brush
for delicate surfaces.

Extension hoses for Vaporetto Go
Brass round brush
for resistant surfaces.

Lance for Vaporetto Go
Accessory for grouting
for cleaning gaps between tiles.
Window-washer accessory
for windows and mirrors.

Cloth and sockette for Vaporetto Go
Curved nozzle
for inaccessible points.

for removing stubborn encrusted dirt.
Jug for Vaporetto
for boiler refill.
Technical data
Boiler material Stainless steel
Boiler power 1500 W
Boiler volume 1.1 l
Low water level indicator no
Max pressure 3,5 bar
Power max 1500 W
Pressure gauge No
Pressure switch No
Steam adjustment Yes
Steam output 90 g/min
Steam ready indicator Yes
System Pressurized boiler yes
Use capacity 0,75 l

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